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Phihong Releases A New Energy-Efficient 18W Medical Grade Wall P

UL-approved & compliant with several of the IEC’s international standards for medical electronics, the new PMA18A-120PHW adapters are designed for Type BF medical applications, including: CPAP & BiPAP machines, medical imaging equipment, nebulizers, & blood pressure monitors.

Phihong, a leading global supplier of OEM power solutions, has released a new energy-efficient 18W medical grade wall-plug adapter designed for use in minimally invasive, bodily floating (Type BF) medical applied parts that have conductive, medium-term, or long-term contact with patients, including: continuous and bi-level positive airway pressure (CPAP and BiPAP) machines, medical imaging equipment, nebulizers, and blood pressure monitors. A limited power source (LPS) with output leakage of <100μA at 264VAC/50Hz, Phihong’s new 18W medical wall-plug adapter is rated for 110 to 240VAC input and 12VDC output. 

Designated the PMA18A-120PHW, the new adapter is compliant with UL 60601-1 and several international standards for the safety and effectiveness of medical electrical equipment published by the International Electromechanical Commission (IEC), including: IEC60601-1-2 Ed4 2014, which addresses electromagnetic disturbances, requirements, and tests, and IEC60601-1:2005+A:2012 2xMOPP, which regulates means of patient protection, ensuring a minimum of 4,000VAC isolation, 8mm creepage, and double insulation. The 18W medical grade wall-plug adapter is also compliant with the latest US Department of Energy (DOE) Level VI energy efficiency standards. In addition, it features built-in over voltage, over-current, short-circuit, over-temperature, and brown-in and brownout protections.

For more information, please refer to PMA18A-120PH-R.