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No.568,Fuxing 3rd Rd.,Guishan Dist.,Taoyuan City (33383),Taiwan,R.O.C.
TEL: +886-3-327-7288
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Phihong Technology Granted Excellent Award of 2019


 Phihong Technology has recently won the highest award of the 2019 Golden Torch Award for Innovative Design. Phihong Technology is continuously committed to environmental protection and energy-saving and carbon reduction. Phihong has successfully developed efficient charging solutions for electric vehicles, including AC, DC charger, charging module. Our product has the advantages of easy operation, APP cloud monitoring, and big data collection.

Phihong Technology participated in the 15th Golden Torch Awards for the top ten innovative design of the year, and our wall-mounted/ free-standing AC charger was selected as the annual innovative design, which shows that Phihong Technology is mature in EV charging technology. Our AC charger complies with the international mainstream charging standards and provides a 24-hour abnormal monitoring mechanism to keep the charger stable and provide safe charging services. Moreover, our AC charger is designed to be slim and easy to install, it also has IP55 waterproof and dustproof function, suitable for various environments.